Infor bets big on India’s digitization, GST moves, to double headcount

New York headquartered enterprise software firm Infor that competes with Oracle and SAP sees huge business opportunity in India’s digitization and GST initiatives and is preparing to double headcount in India, its largest operations globally, to over 4,800 in next 3 years. India currently accounts for big part of around 15% that the region contributes to Infor’s $2.8 billion global revenues, says its global chief executive Charles Phillips in an interview to ET’s CR Sukumar. Upbeat on India business opportunity in cloud based enterprise software solutions, Infor has doubled its strength in the subcontinent over last three years from around 1,200 professionals. Excerpts of the edited interview.
Q: Infor has been quite aggressive on acquisitions. How will be your growth strategy going forward through organic and inorganic?

A: Most of our acquisitions happened a long time ago and the bulk of growth has been organic in the last 6-7 years. We invested $3 billion in R&D in the last 6 years. The opportunity for us is that companies are now viewing technology as a way to change their business for growth as opposed to just optimizing and lowering costs for kind of processes and are looking to change their business models. We have a lot of expertise and we are helping them evolve and change those business models to become more digital.

Q: How do you see the India market opportunity, especially given the government’s push on reforms?
A: Well, this is a big market. Opportunities for both employees in terms of the products we create and the services we deliver is unique for us. It is our largest location now. We doubled since 2014 to 2017. We went from 1,200 employees to 2,400 employees in India. About 15% of our revenues come from this region and India is a big part of that. We see a huge opportunity in cloud. The public sector market is wide open here with the digitization. We think we have unique opportunity to penetrate the market. And GST is another major opportunity. We have delivered and have hundreds of customers already who have upgraded and taken advantage of GST which we delivered early. So the fact that we are here and are highly localized and understand the requirements gives advantage for the local companies.

Q: What kind of investments and commitments you have for India operations?

A: We are growing and we have doubled in the last three and a half years. We are fully expecting to double again in next three years. We are making significant investments here in India as this is largest location for us from an employee standpoint. It is strategically important for so we continue to make the investments and we will have this double again.

Q: How do you see India market contribute to your global revenues?
A: The region is broadly about 15% now and India is little bit less than that. In the last 24-36 months, we have invested tens of millions of dollar both in acquisitions and hiring new folks. Every single function of our company has a meaningful presence here. So we feel we have all the pieces to make this very large part of our total revenue.


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