AP State says no to petro products under GST

Amaravati: Finance minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu, stating that the one-tax for one-nation has now turned into one-tax for one-Modi, said the state was against the proposal to bring petroleum products under the ambit of Goods and Service Tax (GST).

Yanamala introduced the Andhra Pradesh Goods and Service Tax (Amendment) Bill-2018 in Assembly here on Monday and the House passed a resolution in this regard.

Answering questions from members during the debate on the Bill, the finance minister said that the Centre was implementing the GST against the spirit of the cooperative federalism. He said the Centre was making changes in the GST according to its whims and fancies without considering the proposals of the state government. He pointed out that it was happening since it has majority in the GST Council.

The finance minister asked the BJP members whether they know the consequences if the petroleum products were brought under the GST. “The state would lose nearly Rs 6,000 crore if the petroleum products are included in the GST list,” he said. The state government would oppose the proposal, he said, and regretted that the states has a nominal role in the GST Council.

He deplored that though the tax benefits are being shared, the decisions are being taken for protecting the interests of BJP-ruled states. He stressed the need of continuing the petroleum products under the ambit of Value Added Tax (VAT). He asked the Centre to bear the variation of prices in crude oil hike in the international markets.

He asked the BJP members as to where is the guarantee that the state would receive  compensation. Already three years have been completed out of the five years of the total compensation payment period, he said, and demanded the Centre extend the compensation period for 10 years.

The TTD and the Girijan products are also in the GST list for which the state government requested the Centre to give relaxation from the GST, he said and added that several other issues were also proposed by the state government for the benefit of various sections.

However, the Centre did not take any decision, he recalled. He said that the people are ready to teach a fitting lesson to the BJP-led NDA government in the forthcoming elections


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