Provisional Assessment in GST

A supplier will come to know the extent of his tax liability which has to be discharged on a continuous and regular basis only after assessment. Assessment means determination of tax liability and includes self-assessment, re-assessment, provisional assessment, summary assessment and best judgment assessment. The major determinants of the tax liability are generally the applicable tax rate and the value. There might be situations when these determinants might not be readily ascertainable and may be subject to the outcome of a process that requires deliberation and time. Hence like under the previous laws, when due to various circumstances it might not be always possible, at that point of time, to carry out an assessment and determine the exact duty liability, the GST law also provides for provisional assessment.
The Asst. Commissioner/Dy. Commissioner of Central Tax provisionally determines the amount of tax payable by the supplier and is subject to final determination. On provisional assessment, the supplier can pay tax on provisional basis but only after he executes a bond with security, binding them for payment of the difference between the amount of tax as may be finally assessed and the amount of tax provisionally assessed. On finalization of the provisional assessment, any amount that has been paid on the basis of such assessment is to be adjusted against the amount that has been finally determined as payable.In case of short payment, the same has to be paid with interest and incase of excess payment, the same will be refunded with interest.

In case a supplier is unable to determine the value of goods or services or both or to determine the rate of tax applicable thereto, he can request the Asst. Commissioner/Dy. Commissioner of Central Tax in writing, giving reasons for payment of tax on a provisional basis. The supplier requesting for payment of tax on a provisional basis has to furnish an application along with the documents in support of his request, electronically in FORM GST ASMT-01 on the common portal, either directly or through a Facilitation Centre notified by the Commissioner.