(GSTmitra-Series-18) 📒 EXPORTS.

⛳ Concept of LUT/Bond and Bank Guarantee for Exporters

🌴 As Per Rule 96A of CGST Rule 2017, exporter who is exporting Goods without Payment of IGST is required to Furnish a Bond or a Letter of Undertaking in Form GST RFD-11.


⛳ Following Person Eligible to Submit LUT instead of a Bond

🌴 a) Status Holder as specified in the Foreign Policy 2015-2020

  1. b) Exporter who has recd Foreign Inward Remittances amounting to Minimum 10% of export turnover in the preceding Financial Year subject to Minimum Inward Remittance of 1 Crore


⛳ As Per Circular No-4 Dated 7 July 2017- Based on the track record of exporter a bank guarantee required to be submitted along with the bond may be waived off by the Jurisdictional GST Commissioner. The Bank Guarantee should normally not exceed 15% of Bond Amount.


⛳ Bond is required to be furnished on a non-Judicial Stamp Paper of the value as applicable in the state in which bond is being furnished.




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