Even businessmen, accounting experts cannot understand GST: BJP’s MP MLA

NEW DELHI: It appears, that the complexity of the Goods and Service Tax (GST) has left even the ministers of the ruling party perplexed. On Wednesday, a BJP MLA from Madhya Pradesh said that not only does he not understand how GST works, even accounting experts are not able to.
“GST mai khud hi nahi samajh paa raha hoon, to iss sambandh mein nahi bolunga. Bade bade CA nahin samajh paa rahe hain, vyapari nahin samajh paa rahe hain,” Dhurvwe said. (Even I can’t understand GST. So, I will not be able to speak on this matter. (Even) expert CAs are not able to understand it, businessmen are not able to understand it.)
He then clarified that it would take time to understand the new tax structure.
Samajh samajh ka khel hai. Dheere dheere jab samajh jaayenge to bohot sukoon milega, acha lagega,” he added. (It is all a matter of understanding. As and when it becomes clear, you would feel good and relaxed.)
The tax policy, introduced in July this year, has come under criticism for its complex structure.
On Wednesday, Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi said that GST was hastily imposed and poorly conceptualised, which has dealt another blow to the country’s economy.
“Bureaucratic and complex, it (GST) has devastated livelihoods, creating a modern day ‘Licence Raj’ that imposes rigid controls and gives vast powers to government officials,” he said while speaking at an event marking the first anniversary of demonetization.


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