Companies to provide GST Details: MCA Amends Cost Record and Audit Rules [Read Draft Rules]

The Ministry of Corporate Affairs ( MCA ) has released a draft of amendment to the Cost Record and Audit Rules as per which, the companies have to submit details related to the GST. This is with a view to enable the Government to cross-check GST-related information of a company. T

he draft cost audit form would also ask for GST reconciliation data, which is essentially a report on the data inserted at the taxpayer’s end and the matching data entered by vendors.

A few days ago, the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT) has released new return forms for businesses that have opted for presumptive taxation scheme. These forms require filers to provide GST identification number (GSTIN) as well as details of transactions under the GST. The requirement for cost audit is triggered at Rs 35 crore for certain companies in the regulated sector, while it is Rs 50 crore for others.

The amendment will not affect the companies who have already filed cost audits for the previous financial year. “Cost statements (monthly, quarterly and annually) in respect of reconciliation of indirect taxes showing details of total clearances of goods or services, assessable value, duties or taxes paid, CENVAT or VAT or service tax or goods and services tax, credit utilised, duties or taxes recovered and interest or penalty paid,” the draft amendment released by the MCA said.