(GSTmitra Series-2019-β€œ1”) πŸ“’ GST & Cus.,Pune Zone @CXCUSPune_tweet

NO need to furnish Bank Account at the time of New GST Registration.

🌴 Normal, OIDAR & NRTP Taxpayers applying for a fresh registration application, are now not required to give bank details, while filing it. They can give this detail later on by filing a non-core amendment of registration application.

🌴 Facility has been provided on the GST Portal to GSTPs, for applying for Non-Core Amendments in their Registration.

🌴 Now upto 6 preferred banks will be shown to a taxpayer while making e-Payment on GST Portal.

🌴 When Taxpayer makes the first payment from GST portal, the selected bank will automatically get updated in the Preferred Banks list.

🌴 When a Taxpayer already having 6 banks in its preferred banks list, makes a payment with 7th bank, then that 7th bank will be added in the preferred banks and the least used bank will be removed from the list.

🌴 Taxpayer can delete any of the preferred banks at any point of time.

🌴 A taxpayer can voluntarily opt out of composition scheme or can be compulsorily removed out of composition scheme by the Tax official, at any time during the financial year.


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