(GSTmitra Series-2019-“4”) 📒 Change in GST Rate (Goods) as Recommended by 31st GST Council Meeting Applicable w.e.f. 1-1-2019

⛳ Change in GST Rate- 28% to 18%.
🌴 Monitors and TVs of upto screen size of 32 inches.
🌴 Digital Cameras and Video Camera Recorders.
🌴 Power bank of Lithium ion Batteries. (Note: Lithium ion batteries are already at 18%)
🌴 Video games consoles and other games and sports requisites falling under HSN Code 9504.
🌴 Re-treaded or used pneumatic tyres or rubber.
🌴 Pulleys, transmission shafts and cranks, gear boxes etc. falling under HSN Code 8483.

⛳ Change in GST Rate- 28% to 5%.
🌴 Parts and accessories for the carriages for disabled persons.

⛳ Change in GST Rate- 18% to 12%.
🌴 Articles of natural cork.
🌴 Agglomerated cork.
🌴 Cork roughly squared or debagged.

⛳ Change in GST Rate- 18% to 5%.
🌴 Marble rubber.

⛳ Change in GST Rate – 12% to 5%.
🌴 Walking Stick.
🌴 Natural Cork.
🌴 Fly ash blocks.

⛳ Change in GST Rate – 12% to NIL.
🌴 Music Books.

⛳ Change in GST Rate- 5% to NIL.
🌴 Vegetables, frozen, branded and put in a unit container.
🌴 Vegetables provisionally preserved, but unsuitable in that state for immediate consumption.

⛳ Miscellaneous Changed in rates.
🌴 Rate of 5%/18% to be applied based on transaction value of footwear.
🌴 Uniform GST rate of 12% on FIBC.
🌴 Exemption from GST on supply of gold by nominated agencies to exporters of article of gold jewellery.
🌴 Exemption from IGST/Compensation Cess on vehicles imported for temporary purposes under the Custom Convention on the temporary importation of Private Road Vehicles (Carnet de Passages-en-douane).
🌴 Exemption from GST proceeds received by Govt. from auction of gifts received by President, PM, Governor or CM of a State and Public Servants, the proceeds of which is used for public or charitable cause.