New version of GSTR-4 offline tools (V2.1) is now available on portal 10/04/2018

For preparing your GSTR-4 for the 4th quarter (Jan . Mar), 2017-18, a new version of GSTR-4 offline tool (V2.1) is now available in .Download. section from 6th April 2018. Please note, that declaring inward supplies details received from the registered suppliers (other than supplies attracting Reverse Charges) under Table 4A in the offline tools of GSTR-4 is mandatory. Table 4A and 4B of GSTR-4 is combined in the excel sheet of offline tool and return filers are required to specify .Yes. or .No. in the column of .Reverse Charge Status. to select the nature of supply. In case supplies are not related to reverse charge .No. option is to be selected.


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