Maharashtra lost out on GST share for 3 years, says Shiv Sena MP

MUMBAI: The state has suffered financial loss for last three years along with other states as the Union finance ministry short-credited to GST Compensation Ces Fund, said Shiv Sena MP Rahul Shewale.
Shewale who represents South Central Mumbai Lok Sabha constituency is a member of Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC).
“The Comptroller & Auditor General submitted its observations on GST Compensation Cess Fund to the PAC which states that the finance ministry deposited Rs 56,146 crore as against Rs 62,612 crore in 2017-18. “According to the state finance department it suffered a loss of Rs 950 crore in 2017-18,” said Shewale.
In 2018-19 the short crediting to the account was Rs 40,806 crore. Shewale said the state was short of Rs 3,200 crore. “In 2019-20 the shortfall is Rs 3,200 crore. It affected the state’s revenue income and increased its fiscal deficit,” said the Sena MP adding the PAC was awaiting the response of the union finance ministry for the lapses.


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