05/05/2020 Filing FORM GST PMT-09 made available on the GST Portal

Press Release

Facility to taxpayers, GSTN enables inter-head transfer of amount
Available in cash ledger

      – GST PMT-09 made available on GST Portal
– Transfer of amount from one head to another enabled
– No need to claim refund of excess balance in cash ledger

New Delhi, 5th May 2020: The Goods and Services Tax Network (GSTN) has come up with a new functionality on GST portal which is aimed to provide a major relief to taxpayers. A taxpayer can now transfer any amount available under one head to another in the Electronic Cash Ledger. For this, a new functionality of GST PMT-09 has been made available on GST portal. This is a major facility released to the taxpayers on GST Portal, especially during the time of COVID-19 crisis when there is limited access to cash resources.

What is Form GST PMT-09:

Form GST PMT-09 provides flexibility to taxpayers to make multiple transfers from more than one head (major or minor) to another head (major or minor). It helps with the intra-head or inter-head transfer of amount available in electronic cash ledger only. The major heads defined are CGST, SGST/UTGST, IGST and cess, whereas the minor heads defined in the law are tax, interest, late fee, penalty and others.

So, a person can transfer amount available in electronic cash ledger from one major head to another major head, keeping minor head the same. Alternatively, one can move the amount from one minor head to another minor head, keeping the major head unchanged.

Thus the taxpayers need not apply for a refund for tax wrongly deposited under a particular head or deposit the amount in the cash ledger again.

How to file Form GST PMT-09
To file Form GST PMT-09 taxpayers are required to login on GST portal with valid credentials and can find this option under the ‘Electronic cash ledger’ tab when they navigates to ‘Services’ and then chooses ‘Ledgers’

After Form GST PMT-09 is filed successfully, the ARN is generated. An SMS and an email are then sent to the taxpayer on the registered mobile and email id. Electronic Cash ledger gets updated after the successful filing. Duly filed form GST PMT-09 will be available for view/download in PDF format.

Taxpayers can seek better guidance on Form PMT-09 through a detailed FAQ and User Manual provided on the GST Portal under the Help section.




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